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The .net domains are back up and working, turns out it was me that was misinformed. Kyle had been updating the site and working with some free hosting we got from GoDaddy and it didn’t work. Any old way, the domains are working again and there shouldn’t be anymore problems for a while.


As you all know, Techgasm.NET is our official website. What you probably didn’t know is that GoDaddy, the world’s leader in “secure domain registration” has royally fucked Techgasm. The .net domain was registered by Iain Davis with a very generous donation to cover up the hideous domain given to us when we registered with Ucoz. Sadly, we’ve had to remove the .net URL and for the time being go back to which is under construction due to a glitch in the CSS template. We’ll be back up and running within the next couple days with the .net domain again and a brand new template.

In other news, we’re looking into making Techgasm.NET a flash-based website in the future and if anyone is good with Flash we would be very interested in your work. Also, we’ve got a new page up on the site that we’ll be uploading our secret content to, you can view it at


With all the people entering the screenshot contest, I figured I might as well post my own screenshot too…

Well, here it is! (original size: 1920×1200)

Wallpaper: Serenity WPP – 1920 Preview by *nuaHs on deviantART

Visual Style: Human for Windows by ~FioreSSj on deviantART

To learn how to use visual stlyes on Windows XP, please read this techgasm forum thread: How To Install Themes for Windows XP


These are some really nice speakers. They are THX certified and designed which means that the leaders in sound quality testing have carefully tested them in very high pressure environments and they found little or no problems in the sound quality tearing, dampening, or in any way decreasing in value. The Logitech z-2300 features an 8″ subwoofer and two satellite “tweeters”. The range is very nice and they come with a remote controller that can adjust the volume and bass levels. They’re loud too. I usually don’t raise them above half, and when I do the neighbors aren’t too happy about it. They have a great range and you can hear your audio very clearly. You’ll be able to hear and feel your audio with a total RMS power of 200 watts and a peak power of 400 pounding watts. You can easily connect these speakers to your PC, your Mac, a portable MP3 player, or virtually anything else that has a 3.5MM output jack. If you’re looking to replace that crappy default 2.0 speaker set that came with your POS rig, I highly suggest picking these badass motherfucking awesome youll-never-go-back speakers for $105.99 from our friends at Newegg. Oh, and yes, Logitech does offer a moar bigger, moar badassed set if 2.1 with an 8″ bass just wont cut it. They’re just $172 more.


We’re already getting some really nice screenshots, remember to send in your entries and read the rules at

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ToobPlayer is a very sleek SWF Flash Video player available at The Adobe extension package includes 3 different player styles for playing .flv files. You can use the ToobPlayer to go full-screen, adjust the volume, stop the video, or pause the video. With the built-in YouTube proxy you can also configure ToobPlayer to read a youtube link and stream the video. ToobPlayer is my first project in Adobe Flash CS3 but I think I’m getting the concept down pretty well, the interface is really neat and clean, everything is obvious and anyone should be able to just pick it up and go. All of the future techgasm episodes are going ot be available on and they will be in the new video player.


This thing looks magnificent!

Operating System Genuine Windows® XP Tablet Edition
Processor Intel Core™ Solo Processor ULV U1500 (1.33 GHz, 533 MHz, 2 MB)
Main Chipset
Main Chipset Intel 945GMS + ICH7M
System Memory 1GB (DDR2/1 GB x1)
Memory Slot 1 x SODIMM
LCD 7″ WSVGA (1024 x 600) Gloss, Super Bright, LED Back Light
Graphics Intel GMA 950 (Int. Graphic)
Graphic Memory shared memory (Int. Grahpic)
Sound HD (High Definition) audio
Sound Effect SRS 3D sound effect, mic noise suppression
Multimedia Player play AVStation
Speaker 3 W stereo speaker (1.5 W x 2)
Integrated Camera 0.3 MP + 1.3MP dual camera
HDD 80 GB (4200 rpm P-ATA 1.8″)
ODD external super multi dual layer
Modem N
Wired Ethernet LAN 10/100 LAN
Wireless LAN Atheros 802.11b/g
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

Those are the Specs, Sure thier not the best specs. But for an UMPC it is ok, you can easily get one with better specs for cheaper, but not this pretty. Anywho…

I Give This a 6.5/10.0

Samsung can do so much better.


So you just bought your Logitech G15 gaming keyboard and realized that you need a new mouse to go with your gleaming new keyboard? Well check this out! It’s the Logitech G9 3g laser gaming mouse. With the four different speeds up to 3200dpi you’ll be able to get a BOOOOM HEADSHOT! no problem. You can change the speed easily with the swivel switch below the left mouse button. By pushing it left, you will lower the speed and right will raise it. The scroll whell can scroll up down, left and right and it can be switched from a microgear style scroll such as a normal mouse has and a flowing scroll with a button on the bottom of the mouse. There are also two other buttons on the left of the mouse that you can set the function of via the SetPoint 2 software included with the mouse. The G9 also comes with a set of weights that you can use to lighten or weighten the mouse with. It also comes with two interchangeable covers, one is a rubberized one for a better grip and the other is a generic plastic grip. Overall, I give this mouse a 10/10 and you should pick one up for $79.99.