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Logitech z-2300 2.1 THX Certified Speakers

These are some really nice speakers. They are THX certified and designed which means that the leaders in sound quality testing have carefully tested them in very high pressure environments and they found little or no problems in the sound quality tearing, dampening, or in any way decreasing in value. The Logitech z-2300 features an 8″ subwoofer and two satellite “tweeters”. The range is very nice and they come with a remote controller that can adjust the volume and bass levels. They’re loud too. I usually don’t raise them above half, and when I do the neighbors aren’t too happy about it. They have a great range and you can hear your audio very clearly. You’ll be able to hear and feel your audio with a total RMS power of 200 watts and a peak power of 400 pounding watts. You can easily connect these speakers to your PC, your Mac, a portable MP3 player, or virtually anything else that has a 3.5MM output jack. If you’re looking to replace that crappy default 2.0 speaker set that came with your POS rig, I highly suggest picking these badass motherfucking awesome youll-never-go-back speakers for $105.99 from our friends at Newegg. Oh, and yes, Logitech does offer a moar bigger, moar badassed set if 2.1 with an 8″ bass just wont cut it. They’re just $172 more.


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