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NET Whoes

As you all know, Techgasm.NET is our official website. What you probably didn’t know is that GoDaddy, the world’s leader in “secure domain registration” has royally fucked Techgasm. The .net domain was registered by Iain Davis with a very generous donation to cover up the hideous domain given to us when we registered with Ucoz. Sadly, we’ve had to remove the .net URL and for the time being go back to which is under construction due to a glitch in the CSS template. We’ll be back up and running within the next couple days with the .net domain again and a brand new template.

In other news, we’re looking into making Techgasm.NET a flash-based website in the future and if anyone is good with Flash we would be very interested in your work. Also, we’ve got a new page up on the site that we’ll be uploading our secret content to, you can view it at


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